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Miles from Nacogdoches
United States of America FPO, Armed Forces Pacific unknown
United States of America Armed Forces Europe, Middle East, & Canada unknown
Austrialia Perth, Western Australia, Australia 10,643
Indonesia Jakarta, Jawa Barat, Indonesia 10,191
Austrialia In between Mimili and Indulkana, Australia 9,562
India Bangalore, Karnataka, India 9,310
Thailand Ban Chang, Rayong, Thailand 9,197
Indonesia Abadi, Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia 9,167
Thailand Bangkok, Krung Thep, Thailand 9,141
Austrialia Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 9.072
Austrialia Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 8,665
Kenya Nairobi, Kenya 8,645
Philippines Manila, Philippines 8,640
Philippines Cagayan De Oro, Philippines 8,635
Philippines Toledo, Philippines 8,580
Philippines Manila, Philippines 8,460
Philippines Philippine, Benguet, Philippines 8,373
Hong Kong Central District, Hong Kong 8,249
Hong Kong Kowloon, Hong Kong 8,246
Pakistan Rakhni, Pakistan 8,061
United Arab Emirates Dubai, Dubayy, United Arab Emirates 8,034
China Wenhua, Chongqing, China 7,980
India Ranjan, Jammu and Kashmir, India 7,926
Saudi Arabia Riyadh, Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia 7,789
China Dingxi-Tianshui, China 7,658
New Zealand Wellington, New Zealand 7,635
Japan Okinawa, Japan 7,548
Iran Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran 7.293
China Beijing, China 7,106
Jordan Amman, Jordan 6,986
Republic of Korea Kyung Hee University, Republic of Korea 6,966
Israel Ruhama, Israel 6,963
Japan Hiroshima, Japan 6,940
Japan Tatsuno, Japan 6,650
Japan Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan 6,614
Turkey Istanbul, Turkey 6,265
Russian Federation Saratov, Russian Federation 6,214
Egypt 50 miles west of the Nile River, Egypt 6,069
Russia 60N, 100E - in the middle of Russia 6,050
Ukraine Kharkov, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine 6,047
Romania Iasi, Romania 5,920
Malta San Gwann, Malta 5,896
Ukraine Kiev, Kyyivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine 5,855
Russian Federation Moscow, Russian Federation 5,778
Algeria In Salah, Algeria 5,639
Hungary Dunakeszi, Pest, Hungary 5,599
Slovakia Svit, Presov, Slovakia 5,576
Croatia Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia 5,557
Italy Acera, Italy 5,548
Italy Cagliari, Sardegna, Italy 5,525
Poland Starachowice, Kielce, Poland 5,520
Lithuania Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania 5,495
Austria Vienna, Wien, Austria 5,473
Poland Warsaw, Warszawa, Poland 5,467
Poland Tomaszw Mazowiecki, Piotrkow, Poland 5,465
Poland Belchatow, Piotrkow, Poland 5,450
France Ajaccio, Corse, France 5,408
Poland Strzegom, Walbrzych, Poland 5,361
Germany Straubing, Bayern, Germany 5,304
Germany Neubiberg, Bayern, Germany 5,300
Italy Milan, Lombardia, Italy 5,297
Germany Munich, Bayern, Germany 5,294
Italy Vigevano, Lombardia, Italy 5,288
Germany Wolnzach, Bayern, Germany 5,278
Germany Schwabmnchen, Bayern, Germany 5,260
Switzerland Chur, Graubunden, Switzerland 5,259
France Toulon, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, France 5,243
Germany Herzogenaurach, Bayern, Germany 5,215
Switzerland Baar, Zug, Switzerland 5,207
Switzerland Effretikon, Zurich, Switzerland 5,206
Finland Riihimki, Southern Finland, Finland 5,206
Switzerland Luzern, Switzerland 5,201
Switzerland Uitikon, Aargau, Switzerland 5,199
Germany Berlin, Germany 5,197
Germany Wernau, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany 5,189
Germany Filderstadt, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany 5,183
Switzerland Huttwil, Aargau, Switzerland 5,183
Switzerland Oftringen, Aargau, Switzerland 5,179
Switzerland Burgdorf, Bern, Switzerland 5,176
Switzerland Bern, Switzerland 5,175
Switzerland Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland 5,155
France Vauvert, Languedoc-Roussillon, France 5,151
Germany Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany 5,148
Finland Tampere, Western Finland, Finland 5,147
Argentina Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina 5,133
France Saint-Hilaire-de-Brethmas, Languedoc-Roussillo, France 5,132
Germany Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany 5,124
Germany Offenbach, Hessen, Germany 5,115
Germany Bttelborn, Hessen, Germany 5,112
Germany Cremlingen, Niedersachsen, Germany 5,108
Germany Between Herbelhausen & Dodenhausen, Germany 5,092
Sweden Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden 5,082
Germany Lehrte, Niedersachsen, Germany 5,079
Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 5,071
Germany Hanover, Niedersachsen, Germany 5,070
France Creutzwald, Lorraine, France 5,065
Germany Koblenz, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany 5,061
Sweden Linkping, Ostergotlands Lan, Sweden 5,046
Germany Versmold, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany 5,024
Germany Remscheid, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany 5,018
Germany Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany 5,017
Germany Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany 5,016
Germany Kiel, Schleswig-Holsteinm, Germany 5,016
Germany Bremen, Germany 5,012
Germany Rendsburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 5,001
Germany Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, Germany 4,988
Spain Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain 4,986
Spain Mlaga, Andalucia, Spain 4,969
France Papeete, French Polynesia 4,969
Argentina Rio Cuarto, Agentina 4,949
Brazil Franco Da Rocha, Sao Paulo, Brazil 4,942
Belgium Nivelles, Brabant, Belgium 4,927
Netherlands Heerenveen, Friesland, Netherlands 4,912
France Angoulme, Poitou-Charentes, France 4,909
Belgium Ekeren, Antwerpen, Belgium 4,909
Belgium Ninove, Belgium 4,907
France Paris, Ile-de-France, France 4,902
France Pessac, Aquitaine, France 4,901
France Billancourt, Ile-de-France, France 4,899
Netherlands Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands 4,899
France Nanterre, Ile-de-France, France 4,895
France Plaisir, Centre, France 4,888
Netherlands Delft, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands 4,884
France Moulineaux, Haute-Normandie, France 4,832
Chile Talagante, Region Metropolitana, Chile 4,764
United Kingdom Havering, United Kingdom 4,735
United Kingdom London, United Kingdom 4,726
United Kingdom Edmonton, Essex, United Kingdom 4,725
United Kingdom Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom 4,716
United Kingdom Fareham, Hampshire, United Kingdom 4,702
United Kingdom Reading, United Kingdom 4,693
Portugal Lisboa, Portugal 4,677
United Kingdom Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom 4,675
Portugal Algs, Lisboa, Portugal 4,673
United Kingdom Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, United Kingdom 4,672
United Kingdom Nottingham, United Kingdom 4,645
United Kingdom Middlesbrough, United Kingdom 4,603
Spain Santiago De Compostela, Galicia, Spain 4,594
United Kingdom Manchester, United Kingdom 4,591
Spain Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Canarias, Spain 4,590
United Kingdom Skipton, Yorkshire Dales, United Kingdom 4,586
United Kingdom Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom 4,575
United Kingdom Edinburgh, United Kingdom 4,494
United Kingdom Lisburn, United Kingdom 4,420